Holiday Programs

5 Day Holiday Programs

Ages: 2 to 8 years old


Morning Session: 9 – 12pm      Lunch Club: 12 – 1pm

June 19 – 23 : An Arctic Adventure
We’re heading off on an adventure up North to discover what lies in the icy cold Arctic. Grab your binoculars as we look for arctic hares, snowy owls and polar bears. In the freezing water we might see some seals but watch out for those killer whales. Join us for a week of exploring the snow and ice of the Arctic through stories, games, art and craft and sensory play.

June 26 – 30 : People in our Neighbourhood
It’s time to show our respect for all the people in our community who do such important jobs every day and make sure that everything keeps running smoothly. From the doctor who helps us feel better when we are sick to the policeman who makes sure we feel safe in our homes, let’s explore the wonderful community helpers through a variety of fun and creative activities.

July 3 – 7 : Come In, Your Majesty
Saddle up your horses and let’s head off to faraway castles where we will meet Kings and Queens, Knights and Ladies. We better be on the look out for dragons though! This will be a week full of royal encounters and adventures through magnificent castles. With lots of stories and craft activities we are sure to find the way to any Queen’s heart!

July 10 – 14 : Down on the Farm
It’s time to head on down to the farm for a week of gardening and learning about animals. We’ll be doing some planting, growing and harvesting of vegetables as well as learning about life on the farm and the many different animals we can find there. There will be stories, songs and rhymes about farm life and maybe we can make something delicious to eat from all those vegetables.

July 17 – 21 : How’s the Weather?
Take a look out the window and tell me what you see? Is it sunny, rainy, windy or stormy? During this week of learning about the weather we will explore many different types of weather patterns through rhymes, games and craft activities. We’ll do some experiments to understand how the weather works and see what amazing discoveries we will make!

July 24 – 28 : A Dip in the Pond
What happens in every pond? Do we know all the wonderful creatures that live there? Let’s take a closer look at pond life and find out exactly what lies beneath the surface. We might find fish, tadpoles waiting to grow into frogs, ducks, snails and dragonflies and don’t forget the plants growing their too, like water lilies. Through lots of creative fun and explorations we will learn about the treasure trove of wildlife living in ponds.

Lunch Club runs from 12 – 1pm daily for children who wish to stay for lunch after morning session or have lunch before joining the afternoon session.
Pricing: IDR 220,000 (includes snack)


The Garden
Early Learning Centre

Jalan Raya Semat 18A Canggu

T: +62 8585 7222941



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