Book Week

From the 9th to 13th May, The Garden Early Learning celebrated our very first Book Week. Book Week is an important event to run in any educational institution, but particularly in early learning centres as its’ aim is to instil in children a lifelong love of books. In this day and age when so many of us rely on technology, it is important we encourage our children to enjoy the simple pleasure of picking up a book and immersing oneself in the story. In this way, our aim for the week was to bring the stories in our books alive, and let them jump from the page and become exciting adventures that we can involve ourselves in. The teachers prepared a range of special activities for the children, from an author study to the making of bookmarks, there was lots happening in each class. The group project involved enabling the children to create their own books. Some classes made a group book and others individual books. These books were presented to the parents on the last day of the week. The children also took the opportunity to embody the spirit of Book Week by dressing up as their favourite story book characters at the end of the week and parading around the garden. For many this was their first dress up and there were some mixed reactions to wearing a costume, however in general it was loved by most and the children displayed obvious enjoyment at being able to show off their costumes.

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