Parent and Toddler Class

At The Garden Early Learning we believe very strongly in the importance of the family unit. Parents are the best role models for their children and indeed their child’s first teacher. Therefore, it is important to enable that connection to continue through to a child’s first experience at school. This led to the creation of our Parent and Toddler Class. A one hour programme that runs twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.45 to 9.45am. This is an opportunity for a parent or guardian to be with their child for their first steps in their educational journey.


We start the journey in a fun and joyful way here at The Garden, so as to instil in children a lifelong love of learning. Our programme starts off with some Free Play, where the toddlers can begin to socialise with each other and learn those important skills of sharing and turn- taking. The toys focus on building fine motor skills as well as encouraging imaginative play. From there, we tidy up together and have our Story Time, which focuses on encouraging listening skills, responding to questions and building vocabulary. We choose a range of stories that will appeal to our young learners. Then it’s Music Time! Everyone gets moving and grooving to a variety of children’s songs that encourage movement and actions. We use instruments, props and simple actions to motivate the toddlers to get involved with the songs. Parachute Time is next and a favourite activity amongst the children as it uses gross motor skills and allows the children to use their bodies to express themselves. Then we head outside into our lovely garden where we have a sensorial activity such as playdough or goop which encourages the children to use their curiosity to explore new substances and we have an art activity which builds creativity and introduces the children to different ways to express themselves on paper. Then many of our children head off for a run and tumble around the garden before they head home.


The programme has grown in success since we started and now we accept bookings for the sessions so for those of you interested please contact our Front Desk to sign up.


  • Shelley Adams says:

    Hi there,
    I’m moving to Bali this Friday and would love to have my 13 month old boy involved in these classes if possible. Do you have any space at all for the parent & toddler class? Looking forward to your reply. Kind regards, Shelley Adams

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