Early Learning Centre

About Us

The Garden Early Learning Centre was built in 2014 to cater for both children living and visiting the island of Bali looking for quality learning and child care.


Our Early Learning Centre has 6 large light filled classrooms along with a dedicated extra curricular room and is surrounded by luscious garden and play areas. It caters for children from the ages of 18months – 6years.

Our Kids Club is located at the front entrance of the centre. It has an oversized play room and depending on the time of day kids are challenged to create, make and discover through play, craft, cooking, gardening and the arts.


Open 7 Days a week

Monday to Sunday – 8:00am – 5:00pm

Sprout cafe provides us with wholesome and nutritious meal options as well as being a lovely place for parents to stop by for a coffee, healthy breakfast or linger over a long lunch.


Open 7 Days a week

Monday: 7:00am – 6:00pm

Tuesday to Sunday: 7.00am – 5:00pm

Our Philosophy

Your child’s first six years are an incredibly exciting time with a profound influence on their future. Every new experience, each moment of discovery helps to shape who they are and who they’ll become. At the Garden Early Learning Centre we believe that genuine positive relationships with children, families and each other are essential to learning. We seek to create a community of learners, where children and adults, play, work, talk, think, invent and create together.


We believe all children are full of curiosity and imagination with the potential and desire to find meaning in all that they experience.


Children are allowed to go at their own pace. In a child’s learning the process of what he/she does is always more important than the product. Early Learning is a step towards independence for each child. We embrace the development of new relationships with peers and teachers as an essential stepping-stone for your child.


Family is a strong focus for young children and we reinforce the importance of family and community at The Garden Early Learning. Through community events and parent involvement we forge a bridge between the child’s home life and their life at the centre. Developing trust and mutual respect is fundamental to our practice.


The Garden Early Learning Centre’s outstanding and exemplary programmes will support and nurture your child and you as a family through these very important early years of learning.


We use the Australian National Early Years Framework; Belonging, Being, Becoming to guide and support our inquiry based learning. Our day to day practice is inspired by the principles of The Reggio Emilia Experience as well as elements of Montessori Education.


We believe:

• Your child is an active participant in his/her own learning

• The environment is the third teacher

• In collaborative learning

• In making children’s learning visible through documentation

Our Facilities

The Garden Early Learning Centre has 6 large light filled classrooms along with a dedicated extra curricular room and is surrounded by luscious garden and play areas. It is a cool, beautiful environment that invites children to explore.


Within our centre we have:

• Beautifully furnished classrooms, air-conditioned, naturally lit and well resourced

• Quality Indoor and outdoor learning environments

• A wonderful garden that allows for structured and non-structured interactions

• A well-designed playground that provides for both passive and active play options

• A dining room and children’s kitchen with an emphasis on garden to table programs

• A creative arts bale


The Garden
Early Learning Centre

Jalan Raya Semat 18A Canggu

T: +62 8585 7222941